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Pasture Whole Chicken

There are many great ways to enjoy our whole birds!  

Our go-to method is the crock pot.  We start it in the morning, cook it slow and low, go about our busy day, and return home to a mouth-watering, tender feast. Carve it like a turkey or part it into cuts.

Other excellent options include roasting in the oven or cooking out on the grill.

Some simply buy whole birds to save money. They can easily be parted and repackaged into individual cuts.  We'll gladly help out if you have any questions!

This package contains one, vacuum-sealed, whole chicken.

Our healthy chickens live happy lives, outdoors, on pasture. They roam about as they please. They love scratching for bugs, foraging grasses, and chillin in the sun. Their grazing is supplemented with a top-of-the-line, non-GMO, feed ration from Hiland Naturals, Ohio. None of our poultry contains added hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms.

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